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Cray Fitness provides fitness coaching, nutrition and wellness across all spectrums.

Our services include: home, office, online and private studio options.

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Cray Fitness pros invite you to join them on FaceTime, Zoom or WhatsApp to train from anywhere at anytime. 


STUDIO Training

Cray Fitness has two

private studios - 

located in Madison, NJ

and Wayne, NJ. 

We also work with clients

at other fitness studios in Morris and Bergen Counties.


In Home Training

Cray Fitness pros create fun and purposeful workouts utilizing your home equipment or ours.

We currently work with

clients in Bergen, Passaic, Morris and Somerset Counties


Outdoor Training

Cray Fitness pros can meet you at a park, on a beach or any public outdoor area. Your workouts will be interesting and fun. We bring the ambition and equipment - you show up. 



Cray Fitness pros will help you with the most simplistic or complex day-to-day eating questions. Let us help you learn how to fuel your body for optimal health.


Cray Fitness pros provide small group training for 3 to 6 people. 

Small group allows the supervision of a trainer in a fun team building atmosphere. Many of our clients prefer small group to stay committed.

Often used as preparation for weddings, reunions and other life events. 


Join Chris at the pool for a safe and effective workout.  

Warm water increases exercise tolerance and allows people to participate without fear of falling or increased joint damage.

Our clients have found this method effective for weight loss, surgery preparation, post-rehabilitation and more,

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